Intelligent insight into application usage

ApplicationMetrics is an ingeniously simple way to understand how your applications are used - whether they're built for desktop, web, or mobile. Detailed data and powerful segmentation lets you make better-informed development decisions, so you can spend time where it really matters.

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It's as easy as...

1) Instrument your application
After registering for a free account, you add a single instrumentation DLL to your project. We manage the data collection for you, so there's no infrastructure to setup.
2) Your application is used as normal
As your application is used, ApplicationMetrics silently collects usage and platform data behind the scenes, then automatically sends it back to our servers.
3) Receive rich usage data
Data is processed in real time, providing fresh, detailed information and intuitive visualizations. Dissect the data to build insight into your users' behavior.

Make your life easier

By getting to know your users...

Build funnels to identify areas needing optimization, then understand the change over time
User Workflow
Understand how people work their way through your application to identify common dropout points
Cohort Retention
Understand how often groups of users return to your application, what they do on the way, and why
User System
Insight into your users' environments lets you support the technologies which really matter
Feature Usage
Spend development effort on the features people actually use, not what you think they use
Powerful multi-dimensional filtering lets you drill down into specific groups of users
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